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Featured Wine of the Week

Happy Wine Wednesday!  Today, I am featuring an unusual and delicious wine from Palmina – a Tocai Friulano.


Palmina  – 2015 Tocai Friulano

Santa Ynez Valley, Honea Vineyards, California

12% Alcohol

White Wine

Tasting Notes:

Unfortunately, I kept this wine for a little too long.  It was past its prime when I tasted it, but you could still get the beautiful lightness and floral notes of this wine.  It was a such a pale hay color, it almost looked like water in the glass.  Minerals and slate were on the nose, while grapefruit, lime zest and honeysuckle flavors surrounded the palate.  I would pair this wine with oysters, shellfish and blue cheeses.


If you’re not familiar with Tocai Friulano, you are not alone.  While it’s not well known throughout the world, it is one of the most popular wines in Northerneastern Italy.  It is often mistaken as Sauvignon Blanc, and has even been planted as Sauvignon Blanc.


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