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Featured Wine (Glasses) of the Week

Let’s talk about wine glasses.

I have a coworker who loves to drink wine out of a small water glass because it makes her feel like she’s in Europe.  I understand – for me, wine is all about the experience.  A big part of that is how it makes me feel.  However, a water glass is restricting the full experience of the wine.  Don’t believe me?  Try drinking wine from a water glass and then try drinking from a wine glass.  You will notice a difference.

Wine glasses are shaped in a way to help deliver the aromas of the wine.  They are also designed so you can swirl the wine to release the fragrance.  It doesn’t matter if the wine glass is stemless or has a stem.  It is the shape of the vessel that is important.

I recently got to try some beautiful red wine titanium crystal glasses from ROD Wine Co.  First of all, I will admit, I am completely enamored by the shape of these glasses.  They are curvy and sexy.  Plus this glass feels so nice in my hand.  The stem is delicate, but not overly fragile.  The sound it makes has a lovely resonance.  The bouquet of the wine is effectively delivered.  When I drank from this glass, it felt luxurious and like pure elegance.  Experience received!

What glass do you like?





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