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Featured Wine of the Week – Four Vines “The Willing”

It seems I’ve been having a lot of conversations about Chardonnay lately.  Who knew one wine could be so polarizing?  People either love it or hate it.  Honestly, I think those big, over-oaked California Chardonnays have given it a bad rap.  In recent years there has been a trend of lesser oaked, more food friendly Chardonnays.  Then there are the stainless Chards.

Stainless, or naked Chardonnays are an expression of the grape in its purest form.  There is no oak manipulation, so you really get to see what this varietal is like.  Recently I revisited this type of Chardonnay and was not disappointed.  It was lovely and so quaffable.  I could drink it all day (something you will not hear me say about a Chardonnay very often).


Four Vines “The Willing”



Monterey County

California, USA

Tasting Notes:

On first glance, this wine is a gorgeous bright golden hue.  A bouquet of tropical fruits awaits: papaya, guava, lychee and pineapple.  It’s telling of what is to come.  On first taste, this wine is slightly sweeter than most Chardonnays.  White floral flavors of honeysuckle and jasmine dance on the tongue.  Juicy tropical fruits linger with a lush and creamy mouthfeel.

General Notes:

This wine was created in Monterey County, California, an area known for being “anti-establishment” with a large population of artists.  Four Vines advertises their wine as being “interesting wine for interesting people.”  This is an interesting wine, and I would drink it again and again.  At $20 for the bottle, this is a bargain.

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