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Dia de los Muertos – Tequila

“All dressed up with nowhere to go. Walking with a dead man over my shoulder…”

¡Feliz Dia de los Muertos!

Today I have KÁH Tequila, which honors Dia de Los Muertos with its sugar skull bottles. Each one represents the different traditions throughout South America. The white skull is Blanco, and is honoring the Bolivian tradition of keeping the skulls of their ancestors. The yellow is Reposado, representing the Peruvian tradition of honoring the Devil to appease him and keep their loved ones safe. The black is Añejo, representing the Nicaraguan tradition of sleeping in the graveyard, next to their family’s graves. It’s all very macabre, but also wonderful. Today is the day to honor the memory of those who has passed.

How much do you know about tequila?
Basically, it is an alcohol created from the blue agave plant. There are basically four different types of tequila:
🌸Blanco: The purest type, it is usually aged less than two months in stainless steel or neutral barrels.
🌼Reposado: Aged between two and twelve months in barrels. This is smoother than Blanco and more complex.
🌹Añejo: Aged one to three years in oak barrels. This is fuller bodied than Blanco and Reposado, with more complex flavors and a smoother finish.
💐Extra Añejo: Aged three years in oak barrels.

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