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San Antonio Winery Los Angeles Tasting Room

D9AE92AE-5591-4612-AEEC-1B0ED2242C6CThe San Antonio Winery Tasting Room in Los Angeles has a cornucopia of delicious things. Not only do they have their large portfolio of wines available for tasting and for purchase, but they also have (non-San Antonio Winery) distilled spirits for sale including a few brands of Japanese whiskey. There are gourmet food items and snacks along with wine-themed gifts. The on-premises restaurant, Maddalena, has a stunning “visual menu” of all the entrees that are available. The selection is huge!9CE92B35-6CF8-4635-8E98-B6F484DC9A23

Selection seems to be the predominant theme at the San Antonio Tasting Room. There is even a selection of wine tastings, ranging in price from $5 to $15 for four tastes of wine. The $5 tasting is for the well-known San Antonio brand of sweet to semi-sweet Stella Rosa wines, while the $7 tasting is for the lesser-known and dryer San Simeon and Maddalena brands. The $15 tasting is for the Artisan wines. The guest is able to select the wines they would like to taste.

While San Antonio Winery no longer grows in Los Angeles, I was eager to taste this historic winery’s crafted wines. I started with a San Simeon Grenache rosé, a lightly colored dry rosé that would be exceptional with food. Then I moved into a crisp Stella Rosa Prosecco, followed by a Riesling that is on the sweeter side. San Antonio Winery’s best known brand is Stella Rosa, which usually boasts sweet to semi-sweet wines. However, I got to try their San Simeon and Maddalena brands which are on the dryer and more robust side. I tried a lush, fruit forward Cabernet Sauvignon, followed by a deep and intense Petit Sirah. Finally, my tasting ended with a rich blend of Zinfandel, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Petit Verdot, and Petit Sirah in one bottle called “Opaque.” It’s the perfect name for this robust wine with a veritable cornucopia of dark varietals.

Overall it was a delightful tasting which proved to me that San Antonio Winery delivers a wine for every palate.

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