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Featured Wine – 2018 Ampelos Viognier “Phi”

Yesterday was such a bummer. I moved my wine collection and found a couple of mystery bottles that I thought would be fun to blind taste.  However, I quickly found out they had gone bad. So, I decided I needed to open up a bottle of wine I’ve been saving: Ampelos 2018 Viognier “Phi”.

First, let me start by saying, I have a very high affection for Ampelos. They really take the environment seriously and have certifications in organic, biodynamic, and sustainable farming. Their website states, “In growing grapes, we believe in taking care of and respecting the environment and that our vineyard needs to be in balance with nature…” From that, they have produced some extraordinary wines, and this Viognier is no exception.

Fresh and aromatic, the 2018 Ampelos Viognier has intoxicating aromas of honeysuckle and jasmine with orange marmalade, melon, and papaya. The first sip is greeted with bright acidity and notes of stone fruit and white flowers. It’s a luscious wine that immediately makes me feel like I’m running through a field of wildflowers; the perfect wine to greet Spring and the warming weather. This Viognier is voluptuous. I thoroughly enjoyed it on its own, but it would also pair well with creamy cheeses, an assortment of fruit and berries, and it is bold enough to hold its own with red meats.

Amp Vio Wine Diamonds

Check out the Wine Diamonds at the bottom of the bottle!


  • Ampelos
  • 2018 Viognier “Phi”
  • 13.9% Alcohol
  • Santa Barbara County, CA
  • USA

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