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Alto Vineyards Vidal Blanc

In what seems like a lifetime ago, I lived briefly in Central Illinois. Having come from Los Angeles, CA, I was a a bit out of my comfort zone. Then I found out there was a tasting room for Alto Vineyards, an Illinois winery, two miles from my home. Of course, I went as soon as I could.⁣

It may have only been two miles, but it seemed worlds away from the town I lived in (video below). When I arrived, there was one other customer, who didn’t stay long. ⁣

Left alone with the tasting room manager, she and I spent the better part of two hours chatting about wine and tasting! I was impressed…well, mostly. I’ll admit, the Concord Grape wine (that I refer to as alcoholic grape juice) was not for me, but the other white wines were delicious! Refreshing and beautifully voluptuous, they easily went down with or without food. ⁣

Last night I opened the Vidal Blanc and devoured it with a lemon spatchcock chicken. It was perfect with round, tropical fruit notes – lots of papaya and pineapple on the palate and floral notes of honeysuckle and jasmine on the nose. ⁣

However!!! Do you notice something missing from the label? There’s no vintage! I’m assuming this is a 2014, but can’t be certain. Regardless, it survived a cross-country move back to California and time. This wine has not gone past its prime yet and could lay down for a couple more years.

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