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Dry Farmed 2012 Foxen Syrah

This week I pulled a bottle out of my collection – a 2012 Foxen Canyon Syrah from the Tinaquaic Vineyard, which had been DRY FARMED. You heard that right. Dry farmed. While dry farming is not a new concept, it’s rarely done. This technique, which uses only the water that comes naturally, has been used for hundreds of years in the Mediterranean and was the only way California vintners grew grapes until the 1970s. The wine that won the “Judgement of Paris” (as seen in the movie “Bottleshock”) and put California wines on the International map, was dry farmed. Currently, only a handful of California wineries dry farm. This is too bad, given that the vines are adept at surviving draught (a common problem in California). However, dry farming typically produced smaller yields (meaning less wine!). I picked up this bottle of wine in 2015 on an impromptu trip to Santa Ynez wine country. At the time, I was very excited to try a dry-farmed wine. I even kept my tasting notes: “rose petal, mint, …

Hello Again!

Hello…again! Well, that was a much longer break than I had intended.  So, hello again! A most wonderful and unexpected thing happened – I got pregnant!  As an “older” first time mom, I played by all the rules during my pregnancy.  So, writing a blog about wine (and decadent food) didn’t seem like a very good idea at the time. Then my family moved back to Los Angeles and had some big transitions. Now I have a handsome boy who is full of the dickens, as my mother liked to say.  I’m also back in the kitchen creating new things.  It seems it’s a good time to raise a glass again. I’m planning some big things for this blog coming up, including some video footage.  So, pull up a seat, pour a glass of wine and get ready for some fun! Cheers! Cheers!